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Audio Technica Headphones

REV33 is an innovative new product for musicians, engineers and audiophiles
to use in conjunction with Audio Technica headphones.

 Audio Technica Headphones

  • The REV33 reduces noises and distortions that are inflicted into the audio by correcting the electrical relationship between the amplifier and driver. This is achieved without processing the actual audio.
  • The REV33 dramatically reduces the symptoms of temporary-tinnitus, ear-ringing, ear-fatigue, buzzing & dampened hearing caused from using IEMs and headphones.
  • The REV33 is physically small and contains an analogue passive PCB. It is supplied with a small leather pouch that attaches to your wireless pack or connects in line with your listening device.

Love Your Ears & Protect Your Hearing with REV33

Founded in 1962, Audio-Technica is a global group of companies dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of problem-solving audio equipment. They create and supply high-performance sound products, including microphones, headphones and wireless systems. Their range of headphones includes over, on and in-ear designs for both professional and domestic use. While Audio-Technica microphones have been used at many high-profile sports broadcasts, including the World Cup, the Super Bowl and both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games for the past twenty years.

Select your Audio Technica headphone model below to find your matching REV33

It's essential to buy the correct REV33 to match your IEM or headphones.
REV33 is currently matched to 17 Audio Technica models. Simply select your particular model from the collection below. 

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