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Cosmic Ears In-Ear Monitors

REV33 is an innovative new product for musicians, engineers and audiophiles
to use in conjunction with Cosmic Ears IEM (in-ear-monitors).

 Cosmic Ears REV33

  • The REV33 reduces noises and distortions that are inflicted into the audio by correcting the electrical relationship between the amplifier and driver. This is achieved without processing the actual audio.
  • The REV33 dramatically reduces the symptoms of temporary-tinnitus, ear-ringing, ear-fatigue, buzzing & dampened hearing caused from using IEMs and headphones.
  • The REV33 is physically small and contains an analogue passive PCB. It is supplied with a small leather pouch that attaches to your wireless pack or connects in line with your listening device.

Love Your Ears & Protect Your Hearing with REV33

Cosmic Ears are a UK manufacturer of IEM, from start to finish their high quality, custom earphones are created in their lab in Stockport. Cosmic Ears are passionate about offering amazing sound quality to everyone (something that has previously been the privilege of professionals only). The benefits of custom fit ear monitors are the delivery of sound without interruption, plus some 'natural' noise cancelling. Whether you're on stage or listening to music on your daily commute, once you've tried Cosmic Ears you won't want to go back!

Cosmic Ears are an authorised re-seller of REV33, so you can also purchase your REV33 from Cosmic Ears directlyTo buy Cosmic Ears products visit or stay in touch by following them on the Cosmic Ears Facebook Page and the Cosmic Ears Twitter Page.

Select your Cosmic Ears IEM model below to find your matching REV33

It's essential to buy the correct REV33 to match your IEM or headphones.
REV33 is currently matched to 4 Cosmic Ears models. Simply select your particular model from the collection below.

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