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DigiGrid DLI SoundGrid Audio Interface for Pro Tools Systems

  • 2 DigiLink ports allowing as many as 64 digital inputs and outputs
  • Bridges Pro Tools HD/HDX and HD Native systems with SoundGrid
  • Allows seamless use of various DigiLink-compatible I/Os with any native DAW
  • Compatible with the SoundGrid Studio ASIO/Core Audio driver
  • Compatible with MultiRack
  • Connects via a single Ethernet cable (Cat 5e or Cat 6)

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DiGiGrid DLI is a networking hub that bridges Pro Tools and SoundGrid. With two DigiLink ports giving you as many as 64 digital inputs and outputs, DiGiGrid DLI helps you get the most out of your existing Pro Tools system.

Add a SoundGrid DSP server to your DLI, and you will enjoy unequaled processing power, with more options for recording, monitoring and mixing in real time. With full plugin integration inside your DAW, DLI lets you run hundreds of Waves and third-party SoundGrid-compatible plugins with near-zero latency of only 0.8 milliseconds.

DiGiGrid DLI has two modes, I/O and SGP:

  • In I/O mode, DLI bridges your Pro Tools system with DiGiGrid I/Os and SoundGrid DSP servers. The Pro Tools system (HD/HDX or HD Native) continues to be your playback engine, while DLI appears as individual I/Os from which you can expand your studio: just connect additional DiGiGrid I/Os and offload your plugin processing to additional SoundGrid servers.
  • In SGP mode, DLI bridges the DAW of your choice (Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton, Pro Tools Native, etc.) with SoundGrid applications and ASIO/Core Audio drivers, lets you control various DigiLink-compatible I/Os, and enables you to use a SoundGrid server to which you can offload your plugin processing.

In both modes, a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable will enable you to connect your system to additional DiGiGrid I/Os.


  • 2 DigiLink ports; 64 channels in either SGP or I/O mode (32 channels per port). Compatible with the following DigiLink-enabled I/Os: Digi192, Digi96, HD Omni, HD I/O, Apogee Symphony I/O, Lynx Aurora 8, Lynx Aurora 16.
    • I/O mode: DLI acts as an interface connected to HD Core, HD Accel, HDX or HD Native cards; supports Pro Tools TDM 10.x and 11.x
    • SGP mode: DLI acts as a controller for DigiLink-enabled I/Os
  • 2 SoundGrid RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • 1 AC input
  • 1 Word Clock/Loop Sync I/O
  • 1 USB port
  • 1U rackmount
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz (176.4 and 192 kHz will be supported in the future)
  • Recovery switch
  • Clocking options: Word Clock/Loop Sync, SoundGrid (SoE), or DigiLink

The DLI installer includes the relevant drivers and software for your unit: the SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio driver, the SoundGrid Studio Application, the eMotion ST mixer, StudioRack, and the DLI Control Panel.

DiGiGrid DLI Comes with the Complete SoundGrid Studio System Software by Waves

The SoundGrid Studio System is the next generation of sound technology. It is a real-time processing and networking platform designed to bring your studio up to light speed. It allows your DAW to offload its plugin processing to a SoundGrid DSP server and enables your devices to communicate with one another and with the devices of the people you work with. The SoundGrid Studio System integrates seamlessly with all DAWs and DiGiGrid (or other SoundGrid-compatible) I/Os, providing endless possibilities for setups of every size—from a single DAW with one DiGiGrid I/O, to an entire network of host computers, I/Os, and SoundGrid DSP servers.

The SoundGrid Studio System Gives You the Power to Do More

  • Real-Time Processing – Run hundreds of plugins simultaneously.
  • Low-Latency Monitoring – Track and rehearse with full-on plugins in near-zero latency.
  • Networking – Connect everything and everyone through a centralized hub.
  • Seamless Integration – Connect multiple DAWs using the SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio driver.
  • Open Architecture – Compliant with SoundGrid-compatible Waves and third-party plugins.

SoundGrid Studio System Software Components

  • SoundGrid Studio Application – For managing the SoundGrid network on your host computer.
  • eMotion ST Mixer – Low-latency monitoring for tracking and rehearsing.
  • StudioRack – For running plugin chains, saving and loading their presets, and offloading their processing to a SoundGrid DSP server.
  • SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio – Connects any DAW to the SoundGrid network as a software I/O.

SoundGrid Studio Application

The SoundGrid Studio Application is your tool for managing all software and hardware connected to the SoundGrid network. With its dynamic I/O mapping ability, the SoundGrid Studio Application lets you configure your SoundGrid network, manage its various components, and set up any combination of drivers and SoundGrid-compatible devices. It also enables I/O sharing between several computers, allowing you to manage their resources from your host computer.

The SoundGrid Studio Application enables you to:

  • Configure your SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio driver and DiGiGrid I/Os. (Auto-configuration Wizard available.)
  • Process, mix and monitor in real time (together with StudioRack and the eMotion ST mixer).
  • Connect and patch multiple hardware devices and software I/Os.
  • Stream audio from and to multiple host computers running different DAWs.
  • Create and save your own configuration templates.
  • Control the parameters of your DiGiGrid I/Os (channel input gain, phantom power, etc.).

Learn more about the SoundGrid Studio Application at

eMotion ST Mixer

eMotion ST is the mixer part of the SoundGrid Studio System. Combined with StudioRack, it lets you run SoundGrid plugins for low-latency monitoring, giving you complex monitor mixing options while recording with your DAW.

eMotion ST is a high-quality mixer with 8 multi-purpose inputs, 64 additional StudioRack input channels, 2 FX busses, 6 mix busses, and a main stereo mix. Since the mixer operates within the SoundGrid network, any DiGiGrid I/O or any available SoundGrid-compatible I/O device, whether hardware or driver-based, can provide it with inputs and outputs.

The eMotion ST mixer can run hundreds of Waves and third-party SoundGrid-compatible plugins in low latency, replacing in this respect the external mixer traditionally used to create monitor mixes for studios and headphones.

  • 8 multi-purpose mono/stereo input channels
  • 2 stereo FX aux buss/returns and 6 stereo aux buss/returns
  • Up to 64 mono channel feeds from StudioRack plugins
  • 8 insert slots per channel for SoundGrid plugins
  • Connects to multiple DiGiGrid I/Os and other SoundGrid-compatible devices and hosts
  • Compliant with SoundGrid-compatible Waves and third-party plugins
  • Fully integrates with StudioRack
  • Enables use of SoundGrid plugins as standalone processors for any purpose
  • Requires at least one DiGiGrid I/O and a SoundGrid DSP server

Learn more about the eMotion ST mixer at


StudioRack is a software rack dedicated to running plugin chains. The processing of each chain can then be directed to your host computer’s CPU or to a SoundGrid DSP server (if present), as you choose. When you process your plugin chains on a SoundGrid server, StudioRack lets you monitor your tracks in extremely low latency via the eMotion ST mixer. StudioRack is compatible with most popular DAWs, with a dedicated component for Pro Tools TDM and HDX systems which enables you to offload your plugin processing to the SoundGrid server if you choose to use one.

  • Compatible with most popular DAWs
  • Plugin chains are processed on local CPU or SoundGrid DSP server
  • Compatible with Pro Tools HD/HDX and HD Native
  • Compatible with Waves and third-party plugins
  • Enables monitoring in super-low latency
  • Up to 8 plugins per rack
  • Fully automatable
  • Plugin chain presets can be loaded on any DAW as well as on MultiRack and eMotion ST
  • Instant access to plugin parameters within each chain
  • Intuitive MIDI control over all plugins
  • Avid Control Surface support

Learn more about StudioRack at

DiGiGrid DLI Control Panel

For controlling and overseeing your DiGiGrid DLI settings and the DLI’s connection with peripheral DigiLink-enabled devices.

  • Set and view clock settings: source, sample rate, type, status
  • Control all connections to DigiLink-enabled peripheral I/Os
  • Set and control analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • Save and load presets of unit settings
  • Save your settings along with your Waves and SoundGrid host application sessions

DLI Software Image A DLI Software Image B DLI Software Image C DLI Software Image D

For further information on how to use the control panel, see the DiGiGrid DLI manual.

I/O Mode

Project Studio: One Computer, Pro Tools HD System with DiGiGrid DLI and SoundGrid DSP Server
Bridging Pro Tools HD with SoundGrid – DiGiGrid DLI in I/O Mode with a SoundGrid DSP Server

DLI Setup Image A

Want to add the extra power of a SoundGrid network to your Pro Tools HDX system? With a DiGiGrid DLI and a SoundGrid DSP server, you’ll be able to offload your audio processing and dramatically increase the number of plugins you can use simultaneously.

  1. Pro Tools HDX system
  2. Avid I/O hardware (96, 192, etc.)
  3. SoundGrid network with one or more Native DAWs
  4. DiGiGrid DLI
  5. SoundGrid DSP server

*Some DigiLink-compatible I/Os cannot connect to the DLI/DLS via their secondary DigiLink port.

HDX Control Room and a Large Live Recording Room (48 preamp channels)
Bridging Pro Tools with SoundGrid – DiGiGrid DLI in I/O Mode – Live Room

DLI Setup Image B

Here, the SoundGrid network is used for streaming audio from the DiGiGrid expansion units (IOX) and their remote-controlled preamps into a Pro Tools HDX system.

  • Pro Tools HDX system
  • Avid HD I/O (96, 192, Omni, etc.)
  • 4 DiGiGrid IOX I/O devices
  • 1 GB network switch

By placing several DiGiGrid IOX expansion units in several spots in your live room (vocal booth, drum area, keyboard station, etc.), you get a substantial number of top-grade preamp inputs, as well as an individual headphone output to each player no matter where he or she is located. Each IOX unit is connected to a network switch in the live room, with a single Ethernet cable connecting the switch to a DiGiGrid DLI unit in the control room. The result is a large number of lines between the live room and the control room, all running through just one Ethernet cable.

This configuration is part of a larger facility-wide network, so the control room’s Pro Tools system has access to I/Os throughout the facility.

*Some DigiLink-compatible I/Os cannot connect to the DLI/DLS via their secondary DigiLink port.

Large-Facility Pro Tools HDX Mixing Room with Multiple I/Os, a Secondary DAW Computer, and a MADI-Enabled Device
Bridging Pro Tools with SoundGrid – DiGIGrid DLI and DLS in I/O mode – Multiple Studios

DLI Setup Image C

This configuration increases the efficiency of large and complex mixing environments.

In this configuration, a control room equipped with a large Pro Tools HD/HDX system is connected to a SoundGrid network for greater flexibility. DiGiGrid DLI and DLS units together supply 112 I/O channels to the HD system, with the DLS providing a built-in SoundGrid DSP server for plugin processing. An Avid Omni is the I/O for control room mixes.

All the above devices are connected by DigiLink cables and clocked with Sync Lock. Everything else in the network is connected with Ethernet cables.

A DiGiGrid IOX provides analog inputs with top-grade preamps, plus 4 separate headphone outs. This serves a voice-over booth, a broadcast stage, a live room, and more.

A secondary DAW system can be used as a backup recorder, an editing room DAW, and a recording station for the voice-over booth. A DiGiGrid IOC interface supplies multiple I/O channels, which can be allocated to the main DAW.

A DiGiGrid MGB/MGO unit connects this network to a MADI source, for example a console or a MADI distribution system. Audio signals can be routed to the main or secondary systems.


  • Pro Tools HDX 2 system
  • Avid HD I/O (96, 192, Omni, etc.)
  • Secondary host computer with a Native DAW
  • DiGiGrid DLS
  • DigiGrid DLI
  • DiGiGrid IOX
  • DiGiGrid IOC
  • DiGiGrid MGB/MGO
  • 1 GB network switch

*Some DigiLink-compatible I/Os cannot connect to the DLI/DLS via their secondary DigiLink port.

SGP Mode

Integrating Avid Hardware Devices with the SoundGrid Studio System
DiGiGrid DLI in SGP Mode

DLI Setup Image D

If you have older or unused Avid I/O units lying around, you can add them to a SoundGrid network for extra I/O and A/D/A capacity.

In this configuration, DiGiGrid DLI is the bridge connecting the Avid I/O device to the SoundGrid network. Avid hardware is used for I/O and A/D/A conversion, but processing takes place on the host computer’s local CPU.

  • Avid I/O hardware (96, 192, OMNI, etc.)
  • Host computer with a Native DAW and the SoundGrid Studio System
  • DiGiGrid DLI

This combination of Avid and DiGiGrid DLI will appear on the SoundGrid Studio Inventory page as a DLI, which means that you can control the Avid hardware as you would any other SoundGrid device.

Integrating the SoundGrid Studio System with an Avid VENUE Console for Live Recording and Playback
DiGiGrid DLI in SGP Mode

DLI Setup Image E

With the DiGiGrid DLI I/O, you can connect a VENUE console with an HDx Option Card directly to your DAW host computer via an Ethernet cable. This will enable you to record to and play back from any Native DAW.

In this configuration, DiGiGrid DLI is the bridge connecting the Avid VENUE console with the HDx card to the SoundGrid network.

  • Avid VENUE console with HDx Option Card
  • Host computer running a Native DAW and SoundGrid Studio System software
  • DiGiGrid DLI

Introducing DiGiGrid DLS and DLI for Pro Tools Hardware Systems

Using DiGiGrid DLS and DLI with Pro Tools

Installing Your DiGiGrid I/O

Allocating I/Os in the SoundGrid Studio Network

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DiGiGrid DLI/DLS for Pro Tools I/Os with No Pro Tools Card

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