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Nifty Audio Limited is a pro audio distribution company that provides sound engineers, musicians and audiophiles with great products - at least that's the corporate definition!

Yet Nifty Audio is not from a corporate background, it has been formed by Andy "Baggy" Robinson who by trade is a sound engineer. For many years Andy has been mainly mixing monitors, though he also enjoys time at FOH. Clients over the years include George Michael, Jessie J, Ella Henderson, Westlife, Michael Flatley's LOTD and many many more. 

For you to understand how and why Nifty Audio has been created Andy would like to share his story:

"My REV33 journey started back in May 2015 when I received an email via an email address I only make public on LinkedIn. This email was from Karl Kipke, a co-founder of REVx Technologies Inc based out in Austin, Texas, USA. Karl's email described how the REV33 was a new product that was designed to remove distortions from in ear drivers with the result of less ear fatigue and better audio quality, "yeah whatever, I don't need that" I thought to myself. 

I left it for a few days, had a look at the REV33 website etc. and for some reason I decided I had nothing to lose in trying the REV33. So Karl and I conversed on email and the REV33s arrived the following week.

I recall my first time trying the REV33 out was at a show in Newcastle arena, during sound check I would plug in and out and I could hear a difference, but it wasn't obvious. "Yeah whatever", I thought to myself again. However I continued to try it during the show and I did notice that the audio was better, though I couldn't put my finger on why. I remember listening to all the mixes my board was generating and on all of them there was an improvement in the audio quality. I tried it for a few more days and then I approached the band I was working with at the time. They put the REV33 on that matched their IEMs and did a sound check. One of my concerns initially was how would my mixes react to a new device in the audio path, would I have to change the mix to compensate for what the REV33 was doing. We got to the end of sound check and all the band liked it, and we all agreed to use it for the show. Again, at the end of the show feedback was positive, not totally sure in what way it was better, but it was. The band used phrases like "more of a vibe", "less harsh", "could turn it up a little". For the next week of shows the band tried the REV33 and then we went for the big test, we had been told by Karl to give it a few days and then take the REV33 away to see the effect. After the first song of the set there was a small gap for some talking, so the band started with their IEMs plugged into their packs rather than the REV33, but had the wires ready to make a quick swap if needs be. At the end of the show I asked the boys how they got on, all of them reported they had swapped to the REV33 after the first song and didn't want to go back. They were sold!

I had also been using the REV33 side of stage and had continued to compare the results with it in line or not for whole half hour sets. And it did become apparent to me that my ears weren't as tired after a show using the REV33, I would notice when I got back to a quiet hotel room that my ears weren't humming like they normally would. This is when I realised this thing really did work!

Having initially been so sceptical about the REV33 all of my qualms had been addressed:

Did the REV33 actually reduce ear fatigue?   YES
Did my mixes sound better for using the REV33?  YES
Did the REV33 change my mixes?   NO
Did the REV33 compress or limit the mix in any way?   NO
Did the REV33 effect battery life of the pack?   NO
Did the REV33 effect the RF, where Sennhesier packs use the IEM cable?   NO
Was there a button I could use on my desk to do the same thing?   NO
Did the REV33 get in the way on the pack? Slightly, but it's a small CON when you weigh up the PROS.
Did I want to keep using the REV33?  YES

I reported back to Karl and the more we spoke the more I felt this was really a magical product. It was doing something unique that just hadn't been thought of before, and the results were less ear fatigue and a better sounding mix! 

I became passionate about sharing what I had discovered the REV33 could do, I would speak to people and although people would listen they too were as sceptical as I initially was. It was at this point I decided that I needed to bring this product to the UK and that maybe I could teach people that using this product can go towards saving their ears.

So here we are, months later and many thousands of pounds of my own money invested in becoming the distributor for the UK and Ireland. I have become part of the REV33 family and I am really enjoying working with Brett, Bruce, Karl and Dennis from REVx Technologies Inc. in sharing what the REV33 can do for your ears.

I have written this page to share with you that I truly believe that the REV33 is revolutionary and should be tried by all users of IEMs and headphones. I am sure it won't be for everyone, in fact the singer of the band I was working with when I first found the REV33 tried it and felt it wasn't for her, for the reason that it sounded too good. Everyone who tries the REV33 has a slightly different experience and as such has their own eureka moment when they realise how good the REV33 is.

Please take it from me, originally a disbeliever, REV33 really does work and your ears will love you!

Many thanks for reading, if you have any questions please do get in touch."

Andy "Baggy" Robinson

Founder of Nifty Audio
UK & Ireland's Distributor of REV33
01438 535033

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