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REV33 Frequently Ask Questions

REV33 is a small passive electrical device that sits inline with your in-ear monitors or headphones and removes the unwanted harmonic distortions and noise that is affecting the audio as electrical energy is being sent back away from the ear buds towards the amplifier circuit.

REV33 is a revolutionary new technology that has been developed by electrical engineers with a combined 50 years of experience. All in-ear monitors and headphones generate damaging, unwanted noise and distortion that forces the ear to shut down and compress for protection. The REV33 dramatically reduces the symptoms of tinnitus, ear-ringing, ear-fatigue, buzzing and dampened hearing by preventing in-ear monitors and headphones from producing this unwanted noise and distortion. Learn more by reading the REV33 Explained page.

Ear fatigue (also known as listening fatigue) is a phenomenon that occurs after prolonged exposure to an auditory stimulus. Symptoms include tiredness, discomfort, pain, and loss of sensitivity. Listener fatigue is not a clinically recognised state, but is a term used by many professionals.
Read more about Listener Fatigue and Tinnitus:

The REV33 is 40mm by 40mm and 12mm deep. Included is a small leather pouch that attaches to your IEM pack to hold the REV33.

Yes, there are 14 REV33 which are specifically matched to an ever growing list of over 400 models of IEMs and headphones that have been profiled for their specific electrical properties. Once profiled the correct REV33 is assigned. To find the correct REV33 visit the REV33 by brand page.

The REV33 connects inline via the included cable from your source to the input socket, you connect your IEMs or headphones to the REV33.

No, the REV33 circuit is passive and therefore doesn't require a battery.

No, the REV33 circuit is analogue and therefore has no processing time.

It is only natural to think when you hear a change in audio that it has to be being processed for this change to happen. The REV33 isn't processing your audio in anyway, the technology doesn't use compression, limiters or any EQ filters to achieve it's goals. The REV33 works in the opposite direction of the music challenging the path in which the audio travels along by removing unwanted electrical energy that affects the audio..  Therefore, it naturally separates the audio signal from distortion which means there is no need to compress, equalise or otherwise process the music, it is all about maintaining the integrity of the signal by managing the electrical relationship between the amplifier and the ear phone drivers.

Hearing protection is something that requires careful management and the REV33 can be an important part of a hearing protection program for while you are listening with in-ear monitors or headphones. If anything it is considered to help as the length of the signal cable connecting to the pack is of a similar length to that of the pack's antenna.

The REV33 is very subtle and for some users it can be a few days before they notice the affects on their ears. Initially you may feel a slight change but reports from users say this it's hard to quantify exactly what is happening. Some experience a dip in the high end, this is a reduction in harmonic distortion in this frequency range which is perceived as a dip rather than just a smoothing, the REV33 doesn't process audio so it's not taking any frequencies away.

The REV33 is removing distortions and noises, these are generated from the electronics not the audio so they are monophonic, once these mono references are removed you hear the stereo as it it should be.

Although audio passes through the REV33 via stereo input and output sockets it is not possible to use analysing software such as SMARRT to see an audio curve showing the REV33 at work. This is a much too simplistic method for stimulating and analysing the functionality of the REV33. Although the REV33 may seem to change how the audio sounds it actually is doing the opposite. It is trying to prevent the audio from being changed by allowing you to hear the original music signal in as close to its intended form as possible. It isn’t processing the audio to do this. The REV33 is directional and carefully designed to reject distortion while maintaining the flow of the music signal. As such putting any devices, such as the input of a sound card, on the output of the REV33 will generate an incorrect response from the REV33. If you really want to see the audio curve with and without REV33 inline you will need to analyse the actual sound produced by the IEM or headphone with a good quality analysing microphone setup to take such measurements.

No problem, we are that confident with the results of the REV33 we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee period during which you can return the REV33 for a full refund should you decide it isn't for you. 

No, from using the REV33 for long periods of time, there have been no reports of battery life being affected.

No, theory and practice has shown the REV33 to have no affect on the RF signal for an IEM pack. It is actually thought to improve because the cable between the pack and the REV33 is a similar length to the aerial on the pack.

The REV33 technology is specific to what you are listening with rather than what you are listening from so it is not currently possible to have the technology inside the device. 

The REV33 is designed and built by REVx Technologies Inc, an Austin Texas based company. The company has expertise in electronics such as end-to-end circuits and reducing the noises found within them, think broadband modems and the like. The REVx team have applied their experience to the relationship in the circuit of amplifier and ear phone drivers and as a result brought you the REV33.


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