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REV33 User Comments

Below are some of the kind comments we have been sent by REV33 users describing their experience of using a REV33 on a daily basis.

"The immediate noticeable difference. Even a short soundcheck of 10-20 minutes I can feel and hear the difference."
Aaron Buck - REV33 Pro 160 Silver - JH Audio Roxanne

"After long days mixing monitors on festivals this year my ears are far less fatigued. I also find myself reducing the volume on the belt pack, which can only be a good thing!"
Adam Bruce - Monitor Engineer - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Cosmic Ears CE6P

"My ears are so much less fatigued."
Adam Howard - REV33 Pro 130 Yellow - Ultimate Ears UE900S

"I've been happily mixing and recording on HD25s for 20 years. The addition of the REV33 has turned them into the most natural and honest sounding headphones I have ever heard: clean board and accurate with zero distortion at any volume."
Andrew Thornton - FOH Engineer - REV33 Pro 330 Moss - Sennheiser HD25s

"My ears are happy after a 4 week tour :)"
Barrie Pitt - Monitor Engineer - Disclosure - REV33 Pro 160 Silver - JH Audio's Roxanne

"My ears don't ring after gigs any more!"
Dan See - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Cosmic Ears CE6P

Dave Dixon - Digital Creatives (North East) Limited - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Shure's SE535

"I have more clarity in my in ear mix at lower volume than ever before both in studio and live on stage."
Declan O'Hare - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Ultimate Ears' UE18

"It's like an audio cuddle."
Elena Tonra - Lead Vocalist, Daughter - REV33 Pro 110 Red - JH Audio's JH16

"My feet are sore, my fingers are killing me, but my ears aren't tired at all!"
Igor Haefeli - Guitarist, DaughterREV33 Pro 110 Red - JH Audio's JH16

"No more ear fatigue."
Ilia Andrianatos - Monitor Engineer, Kaiser Chiefs -REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Ultimate Ears UE18

"Subtle details like reverb tails and brushes on a ride cymbal are all crystal clear. It's a depth and clarity of sound that just wasn't possible before Rev33."
Jamie Hickey - Monitor Engineer, Daughter - REV33 Pro 110 Red - JH Audio's JH16

"It just works, no fuss."
Jasen Hattams - Monitor Engineer - REV33 Pro 110 Red - JH Audio's JH16

"Less fatigue, clearer dynamics and open mixes."
Jon Allen - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Ultimate Ears UE11

"It makes my HD25's sound like something 5 times the price."
Jonathan Brooks - REV33 Pro 330 Moss - Sennheiser HD25-1 II

"The clarity that it brings to the audio with such a small footprint. The customer service was also exceptional."
Leyton Thomas - Keyboardist - REV33 Pro 520 Green - Minerva Mi Artist Pro IEMs

"I'm monitoring at a quieter level than without REV33 and experiencing a better mix and less post-gig fatigue. I'm also pleased that my 'budget' ACS IEMs could be catered for by REV33. Highly recommended."
Mark Bettis - Freelance Keyboard Player & Vocalist, The Smooth Criminals - REV33 Pro 520 Green - ACS' T3

"Did 8 gigs with Rev33 then one without the difference was pretty major."
Michael "Smoove" Hamilton - Bass Player & MD, Jessie J - REV33 Pro 110 Red - JH Audio's JH16

"Simplicity, but massive long-term difference."
Mike Fitchie - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Shure's SE535

"Mainly not feeling totally ear cooked after playing! We are rehearsing for The Mission tour at the moment and I have been behind the kit -with in ears in for 7 hours a day. My arms and shoulders ache but for a change my ears don't! I am now mixing stuff in the hotel, whereas before the last thing I would want to do is put cans on in the evening!"
Mike Kelly - Drummer, The Mission - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Ultimate Ears UE7

"There are actually 2 things that I have to mention. The first is how amazingly rounded and clean my monitor mix sounds with the REV33. My Read Audio 303s sound amazing anyway, but paired with the REV33 everything just sounds a lot more polished. The 2nd thing I love about the REV33 is the huge reduction in ear fatigue. I no longer come off stage with that head in a fishbowl feeling. I can hear conversation in the dressing room or background music in the bar after a gig without straining to hear properly. And best of all, far less ringing in my ears the morning after. All in all, a superb product that I'd recommend to anyone who regularly uses in ear monitoring."
Paul Merser - Independent Freelance Drummer - REV33 Pro 520 Green - Read Audio's R303

"I couldn't recommend Rev33 higher, I stopped using it for one show and noticed a huge difference, it never leaves my gig bag now."
Ross Harris - Drummer - REV33 Pro 110 Red - JH Audio's JH16

"It makes the noise bearable again!"
Ross McGroggan - Monitor Engineer - REV33 Pro 110 Red - JH Audio's JH16

"Because you only get one pair of ears. The Rev33 has made a massive difference to my sound in a live performance."
Roxy Harris - Drummer - REV33 Pro 160 Silver - JH Audio's Roxanne

"The difference is night and day. Wide uncluttered image with smooth highs and huge front to back depth! Incredible."
Snake Newton - FOH Engineer, Duran Duran - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Ultimate Ears' RM & REV33 Pro 330 Moss - Sennheiser HD25s

"My ears do not feel tired or suffer from high pitched ringing after a show."
Tecwyn Beint - REV33 Pro 140 Tan - Ultimate Ears

If you are a REV33 user and would like to add your comment to this list please let us know via our contact us page.

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