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Torque t103z all TorqueValve filters In-Ear Monitors are matched to either the REV33 Pro 510 Blue or 110 Red

Due to the electrical characteristics of the Torque t103z all TorqueValve filters In-Ear Monitors, the environment in which they are used determines which REV33 is needed.

REV33 Pro 510 Blue for listening via a wired connection, such as in-studio recording or mixing, wired packs on stage or casual listening from music players.
REV33 Pro 110 Red for listening via a wireless receiver pack for your monitor mix as used for live performances on stage.

If in doubt we suggest you try the wired option, the differences are very slight and this will still give you all the benefits on a wireless pack on the occasions you require it.

Using a REV33 with Torque t103z all TorqueValve filters In-Ear Monitors (IEM) produces a cleaner sound, a TrueSound™, that is less fatiguing to your hearing so the symptoms of temporary tinnitus, headaches and ear ringing are dramatically reduced. Allowing you to listen for longer!

The REV33 is a passive device that inserts between the source and your in-ear monitors. REV33 allows music to pass from the amplifier to the in-ear monitors unaltered, but resists the flow of unwanted electrical energy from the in-ear monitors back into the audio circuitry.

When the electrical noise and distortions are managed, there is a dramatic increase in sonic clarity, coupled with a reduction in the symptoms that can lead to hearing damage or loss, even in the most dynamic of performance environments. Free from the unwanted noise and distortions you can hear your True Sound™ with unsurpassed clarity.

REV33 Pro 510 Blue - Torque Heapdhones

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